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Universal Spindles

Spindle technology is in a constant state of evolution demonstrating great innovations in relatively short spaces of time.  In line with this ongoing evolution, ABL is now offering a different approach and new benefit to the market by customising spindles according to the diverse needs of our customers. Whether it be for the for the PCB, Micro-Machining, Dicing or High-Precision industries ABL have the solution.  Catering for all manner of materials such as quartz, glass, ceramics, PZT, stainless steel, silicon wafers and graphite in applications ranging from Opto-Electrical components and Precision Bore Grinding to Drilling, Routing and Engraving.
ABL is offering any volume, personalized spindles for specific high precision, high performance applications.  Our spindles are robust, accurate and great value with the highest proven motor power in the industry.
Maintaining a close and valued relationship with our customers and ensuring a highly personal service allows us to achieve a mutually beneficial result, working 100% to the exact needs, design and adaptations as supplied by our customers.
For ABL every customer is considered unique and we consider it our mission to please them and tailor our service to them.
ABL have nearly 25 years of experience, highly qualified employees and sophisticated production processes housed in excellent manufacturing facilities which enable us to guarantee success.
The promise of consistent quality and global after sales maintenance service with permanent service centres and our own engineers, allow us to keep on top of the whole product life cycle, offering an unbeatable added value proposition to all our customers.
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Universal Spindles Product Flyer