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AW200B 200,000 rpm Drilling and Routing Spindle

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  • ABL’s long tradition of building high quality air bearing spindles has culminated in the creation of the AW200B full range PCB drilling spindle.

    Designed to give the customer long term cost savings, the AW200B provides a robust solution to the productivity demands placed on modern PCB drilling spindles. 

    When accuracy matters, the low dynamic run out and high stiffness offered by the AW200B guarantees repeatability and extended tool life.

    A speed probe option is available.

    Low maintenance and running costs together with an unparalleled after sales service make this the spindle of choice for high speed PCB drilling.

    Note….This spindle is presented with a industry standard body style and tool holding system however if your requirements differ then please do not hesitate to contact ABL to discuss the other options available