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Covid --19 (Employee information)


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workplace Policy (Version 2)

It is the policy of AIR BEARINGS LTD (the Company), including all and any trading names connected with them, to ensure and protect the health and safety of all employees and any other persons connected with the operations of the Company due to the Coronavirus Pandemic 2019 (COVID-19).

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic the Company shall undertake the following steps in an attempt to limit the exposure of employees and others to COVID-19:

  1. an emergency decision making team appointed in accordance with ABL’s Business Continuity Plan with the following employees.

Lead -    Darren Fay, Supply Chain Manager, directly communicating with                         Miquel Llinas, Managing Director

Support - Jason Freshwater, Manufacturing Supervisor                                                      Dave Stacey, Senior Production Controller

2. until further notice is given, all customers, and persons not directly approved by the Company shall not be permitted to access the premises at any time whatsoever;

3. the Company shall ensure that the regularity with which the premises is cleaned/disinfected is adequately increased to reduce the risk of surfaces, equipment and any and all other tools used by employees and others being contaminated;

4. employees shall be provided with necessary and relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) and shall be required to wear such PPE at all times during the fulfilment of their duties for the foreseeable future. PPE can be requested from: DARREN FAY, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER;

5. all employees shall follow the practice of social distancing and therefore avoid physical contact with each other where it is not necessary and, where possible, shall maintain a safe distance of 2 meters away from others while carrying out duties or on the premises;

Where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed and if deemed as required to ensure the Company can continue to operate, the following actions should be implemented.

  • Increase frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.

  • Using back to back or side to side working (rather than face to face) whenever possible.

  • Using screen or barriers to separate people from each other.

Use of Canteen/Break facilities to be minimised to a maximum 4 persons at a time. Staggered breaks are acceptable and should be agreed with your Team Lead or Manager.

6. on entrance all staff are to adhere to social distancing and be respectful to others. The Company operates a flexible working day allowing staff to stagger arrival and departure. If an employee wishes to change their start time, they should initially speak to their Team Leader.

All staff will have their temperature checked before admittance (Monday to Thursday), any staff member showing high temperature will be sent home and asked to self-isolate for 7 days. On Fridays please see office staff for temperature check.

Staff are also required to wash hands on entry with hand sanitiser provided.

7. meetings to be held via web where applicable. Team lead morning meetings will be held outside when possible adhering to social distancing.

8. employees who work in the following departments should work from home where they are able:

Accounts and Finance
Sales and Marketing



While working from home the following supervision and reporting procedures shall apply:

Employees should report progress to their line manager at the end of every day unless previously agreed.

ABL expects the full support / commitment of all staff on and off site, working to achieve company objectives to the best possible standard.

The following procedures shall apply where an employee is exposed to COVID-19:

1. Where any employee catches COVID-19 the Company will provide the following throughout their illness:

Employees will be entitled to the standard compensation as designated with in their employment contract and following directives from UK government.

2. Where an employee has been exposed to COVID-19 they should isolate themselves in their home for a minimum of fourteen days as per the relevant government and NHS guidance. Where an employee is forced to self-isolate for fourteen days, and cannot work from home, the following shall apply:

Employees should continue to work from home if able to during self isolation. Should employee not be able to work they must inform their line manager at which point it will be recorded as sickness.

Additionally, employees and authorised visitors to the premises should be

  • washing their hands regularly for at least twenty seconds at a time;
  • refraining from touching their face;
  • partaking in social distancing by limiting contact with other individuals and ensuring 2 mtr personnel space is maintained where possible
  • avoiding public gatherings of more than 2 people who are not from your own household; and
  • suspending all non-essential travel.
  • Inform line manager of any travel plans when deemed essential.
  • Authorised visitors are required to wear masks and gloves provided at point of entry.


The Company asks that all employees familiarise themselves with this policy and all new working procedures which may be implemented from time to time due to COVID-19. Employees should also familiarise themselves with the Company's general Health and Safety at Work policy. Where any employee has a fever, a persistent cough, shortness of breath, or suffers loss or change to sense of smell or taste, the Company asks that they do not come to work under any circumstances and self-isolate for a minimum of seven days.

Where an employee has any concerns or questions relating to their duties as a result of the coronavirus, please contact: DARREN FAY, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER.

This policy shall be updated from time to time as may be required.