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COVID-19 Statement.

Please be advised that, during the present unprecedented circumstances, Air Bearings Ltd. will be following the guidelines supplied by the UK government and the Department of Health, whilst endeavouring to maintain timely support and delivery of our products to all of our customers throughout the world.


The health and safety of our staff and their families are our prime consideration and subsequently we will be ensuring that all relevant advice will be adopted; this will include remote working wherever possible and the avoidance of face to face meetings with customers or suppliers, unless deemed essential.


The ABL factory will remain open and product will be shipped as normal, unless this poses a risk to security or health or we are advised otherwise by Government order. External contact will remain possible through the usual telephone and e-mail routes but we would request that no visitors attend unless specifically requested to do so. 


It is unavoidable that a small number of customers may experience delays in response times or product lead times; however ABL is committed to doing our best to support all customers and we will try to advise of any delays, where these occur.


We will also be advising our Agents, resellers and partners to take every precaution necessary to protect the safety of their employees and customers in the UK and other countries.

We understand that this is a fast moving situation and we will be regularly assessing and implementing official recommendations from the UK Government, analysing our performance and considering best courses of action.


Thank you for your understanding as we all work through this difficult situation together.