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Export Control Statement

Air Bearings Ltd understands the importance of export compliance and takes its responsibilities seriously. The success of this company depends on the large portion of business we do overseas and we are fully aware of the commercial impact of export controls.

Export control regulations are enforced in countries throughout the world to support national security policies and prevent the illegitimate development of Weapons of Mass Destruction and related terrorist activities. Over the past few years the political and economic climate has sharpened the focus on export controls and as a consequence regulations are tightening and enforcement is increasing.

We have therefore undertaken a strong stance within our business to understand the controls and ensure they are complied with fully.

We at Air Bearings Ltd will screen all our new and existing customers and suppliers to ensure that we do not do business with prohibited entities. Air Bearings Ltd will obtain all the necessary licenses and other government approvals prior to exporting control listed products and technology.

The purpose of these controls is to limit the supply of the technology or strategic goods to countries proscribed, principally for reasons of proliferation, security, or terrorism.

If you are a recipient of Air Bearings Ltd transfer goods (including hardware and/software and/or technology as well as all corresponding documents) we shall expect compliance with all applicable national and international (re-) export control regulations.

For our business it is essential that we comply with the legislation: failure to do so would bring serious penalties for the company and for the individuals concerned.

It is in all our interests that the controls are effective to ensure we make the world a safer place.