Air Bearings Limited
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  • ABL has been offering affordable and reliable air bearing solutions for over 25 years. Working from a purpose built factory in the UK, ABL's team of dedicated engineers and skilled machinists design, manufacture and build quality products for customers throughout the world.

  • Air bearing technology has made large advances in the last 25 years. As rotational speeds have increased the need for accurate and reliable design analysis has become crucial to producing reliable and robust designs. ABL's team of engineers make extensive use of software simulation and analysis which allows them to design products that safely and reliably meet the requirements of our customers.

  • ABL's extensive, and expanding, range of air bearing products are ideally suited to a number of today's machining applications including micro-machining, dicing and PCB drilling.

    ABL also offers bespoke design services allowing our customers to benefit from tailored solutions customised to their exact needs.

    More about our Products

  • ABL is proud of its reputation of supplying high quality products at an affordable price. In house design, manufacture and assembly allows the full production cycle to be monitored and a stringent Quality Assurance process ensures that repeatability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Extensive investment in metrology equipment to measure both size and geometric form has allowed ABL to develop new and innovative products that are at the forefront of modern air bearing technology.